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Green Materials for Innovations

Order here samples, sheets and rolls of wellboard and kraftplex materials out of 100% sustainable cellulose fiber. The aplication fields for wellboard reach from interior to furniture design. Kraftplex is used as a laser material for prototyping up to series of products.

Klemetric connecting solutions and additional accessories are also here available.

More infos at www.kraftplex.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email(info@kraftplex.com) or telephone +49-511-87459563 if you have any additional question.

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kraftplex / materials by FRANZBETZ VISION




List of References of design offices, architects, capentors and manufactors of wellboard und kraftplex.

kraftplex Sample Set
11.31 *
Wellboardroll minimum
402.22 * (1 m² = 45.71 €)
Wellboardroll medium
572.39 * (1 m² = 55.04 €)
Wellboardroll maximum
677.11 * (1 m² = 41.29 €)
wellboard Sample Set
22.85 *
Klemetric connector
13.03 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery