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New kraftplex FO 0,8mm 56x34cm

Product no.: 6306-56x34

5.39 *
In stock

kraftplex ST 1,5mm 56x34cm

Product no.: 6426-56x34

5.69 *
In stock

kraftplex ST 3,0mm 56x34cm

Product no.: 6456-56x34

9.48 *
In stock

kraftplex ST/CL/FO Sample Set

Product no.: 9009-ST-CL-FO

17.26 *
In stock

kraftplex ST 1,0mm 80x50cm

Product no.: 6416-80x50

8.52 *
In stock

kraftplex ST 1,5mm 80x50cm

Product no.: 6426-80x50

11.95 *

kraftplex ST 3,0mm 80x50cm

Product no.: 6456-80x50

20.66 *
In stock

kraftplex CL 0,5mm 50x39cm

Product no.: 6556-50x39

4.34 *
In stock

Starterkit minimum

Product no.: 5015

182.90 *
In stock

Starterkit medium

Product no.: 5115

205.63 *
In stock

Starterkit maximum

Product no.: 5215

175.29 *
In stock

Starterkit gamma 300

Product no.: 5415

152.92 *
In stock

Klemetric Mini connector (Boardwidth: 2 mm)

9.19 *

Klemetric connector (Boardwidth: 6 mm)

13.03 *

New the wellboard spot

Product no.: 1210

95.91 *
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